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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rare recording of Ginger in Mame resurfaces after all these years

Well, I wasn't expecting it anymore. After all those years, I was starting to believe the negative narrative that such recording didn't exist. Well, once again, the old saying ''Nothing is impossible'' is prove right.

Soon available for trade, a full and restored recording of Ginger Rogers as Mame on Drury Lane (1969). Meanwhile, here's a excerpt.

And what are my plans looking ahead you ask? Well, I declare the hunt for the recording of Ginger in Anything Goes (1980) open!

If you're interested in a trade, let me know!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Remembering Ginger Rogers, her Facebook Community and Hat Check Girl

 Hello Everybody,

On this sad weekend, it's hard to realized it's already been 19 years since Miss Rogers passed away. Fortunately, she is not forgotten. And that's easy to see just by the number of members who has joined ''The Ginger Rogers Facebook Community'' in the pass year.  Thank you to everyone for sharing weekly the GINGERNESS!

Ginger Rogers Facebook Community
 JOIN US and become a member of The Ginger Rogers Community - click here

 Hat Check Girl discuss on Ginger Rogers' IMDb BoardWell, it's official! HAT CHECK GIRL, the long lost Ginger Rogers movie from 1932 has been shown to the public again for the first time since it's commercial release over 80 years ago. It was part of this year selections for the TCM's Film Festival, which was held in L.A. week.
Presenting the movie was MoMA's very own Associate Curator, Mrs. Anne Morra. Mrs. Morra is the good soul behind the restoration of HCG that made this showing possible. 18 months ago, when I started my quest to find a copy of this long lost Ginger Rogers movie I found a 35mm master print safely tucked away in Mrs. Morra's museum. When I approached Mrs. Morra, she was kind enough to listen to my arguments and to hear my plea and in a matter of months, she was able to get a restoration project started on the master print. And here we are, only a year later and Hat Check Girl is already hitting the big screen. Another showing of HCG is schedule this fall at the MoMA's film festival ''To Save and Project''

Reviews and comments on HAT CHECK GIRL 

To learn more about what fans had to say about seeing Hat Check Girl:

On the IMDb Ginger Rogers' Message Board - Click here
At The Ginger Rogers Facebook Community - Click here

Have a good weekend Everybody and keep it Gingery!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Movies Up for Trade - Part 2 *** New ***

***  Brand New Excellent Copy ***
Preview available here

*** Excellent Copy ***
Preview available here

*** Excellent Copy ***
Preview available here

*** Brand New Excellent Copy ***
Preview available here

*** Excellent Copy ***
Preview available here

*** In Color ***
*** Excellent Copy ***

Vivacious Lady - Romantic Comedy - 90 mins   (1938)    *** New ***
*** Brand New Excellent Copy ***
Preview available here


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Movies Up for Trade - Part 1

*** Excellent Copy ***


*** Very Good Copy ***

*** Excellent Copy ***


*** Very Good Copy **
Preview available here 

*** Excellent Copy ***

*** Very Good Copy ***

*** Very Good Copy ***


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tv Appearances 1990's Up for Trade

Ginger, along with Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Lionel Hampston, 
Paul Taylor and  Mstislav Rostropovichis are honored by The Kennedy Center.

Preview available here


Ginger Rogers' Weekend Festival in L.A.  - Interview - 1992 - 39 mins
Leonard Maltin interviewed Ginger during the 1992 "The Ginger Rogers Festival" 
at the "L.A. Cinematech" - which shown over 20 of her films and rare tv 
appearances over one weekend.

Preview available here



Today - News - 1991 - 7 mins             *** New ***
Ginger is interviewed on the Today show, promoting her autobiography "Ginger, My Story".

Burt Reynolds interviews with Ginger Rogers, Esther Williams,
 Jane Powell and June Allyson...
Preview available here


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tv Appearances 1980's Up for Trade *** New ***

                    Part 1 - Birth of a Titan  (60 mins) - Katharine Hepburn, Rudy Vallee, Pandro S. Berman
                    Part 2 - Let's Face The Music and Dance (60 mins) - Ginger, Fred, Hermes Pan, Pandro S. Berman
                    Part 3 - A Woman's Lot   (60 mins) - Ginger Rogers, Katharine Hepburn and Lucille Ball
                    Part 4 - It's All True   (60 mins) - Orson Welles, Robert Wise
                    Part 5 - Dark Victory   (60 mins) - Ginger Rogers, Lela Rogers, Edward Dmytrik, Robert Mitchum
                    Part 6 - Howard's Way    (60 mins)  - Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball, Jean Simmons, Jane Russell

Ginger guest stars as a hotel guest with psychic aptitudes.
Preview available here

News Coverages - June 22, 1987 - 10 mins       *** New ***
Different clips from different tv stations covering Ginger's interview at her 
ranch in Oregon on the morning of Fred Astaire's passing.

ABC's Nightline: Fred Astaire Remembered - News - June 22, 1987 - 24 mins   *** New ***
Ginger is interviewed along with Liza Minelli on the night that Fred Astaire passed away.


Fred Astaire: An American Classic - News - June 22, 1987 - 30 mins    *** New ***
Ginger is interviewed on the night that Fred Astaire passed away.


Colorization Hearings - News - May 1987 - 60 mins     *** New ***
Mendley of different news coverages of the colorization hearings that took place in May of 1987.
Ginger joined forces with Woody Allen and speak up against colorization of black and white movies.


NBC -5  News in Fort Worth - News - 1987 (estimated)    *** New ***
Ginger is interviewed by Bobbie Wygant in Fort Worth about film preserving.

Ginger appears in the "Silver Screen Legends" tribute in this extravangant 
hommage to Hollywood 100th birthday.


Ginger is interviewed in this tribute to Irving Berlin.



The American Film Institute honors Billy Wilder. Ginger pay tributes to Billy for 
The Major and The Minor.

Texas 150: A Celebration - Tv Special - 1986 - 2 mins           *** New ***
Ginger says a few word during this special met to celebrate Texas 150th years.

Buonasera Raffaella - Variety Show - 1985 - 3 mins     *** New ***
Ginger sings and dance with Rafaella Carrà on this italian variety show.

NBC's Live at Five : "Babes In Arms" - News - 1985 - 5 mins     *** New ***
Ginger is interviewed by Liz Smith to promote the opening of the play 
"Babes in Arms" - her directing debut at 74.

Ginger appears in the "Red Shoe" routine, along with Dick Van Dike and many others.


 Glitter : In Tennis, Love Means Nothing  - Tv Series - 1984 - 50 mins 
Ginger Rogers guest stars as a famous soap opera queen on Glitter.

Entertainment Tonight - Entertainment News - 1984 - 2 mins 
 Famous dancers are interviewed by Entertainment Tonight for the premiere of 
"That's Dancing!" a sequel to the "That's Entertainment' serie. Interviews 
includes Ginger, Fred, Ruby Keeler, Shirley Maclaine and Jane Powell.

Gene Shalit interviews Ginger Rogers - July 1984 - 8 mins      *** New ***
Gene Shalit interviews Ginger on the day the Piccolino dress was 
donated to the National Museum of American History by RKO.


Ginger is introduce from the audience and take a bow in memory of "The Cariocca"
winning the Oscar for the best song 50 years ago. She is also seen in a retro Oscar 
clip from the early 1960's, embracing Ethel Merman who's performing "There Is 
No Business Like Showbusiness".


George Stevens Jr.'s pays hommage to his father's career and body of work.



ASCAP Celebrates Ira Gershwin - Special Celebration - September 20, 1983 - 58 mins
Ginger sings "Embraceable You" and "But Not For Me"...

Entertainment Tonight: Ginger is Miss Moffat - Entertainement News - 1983 - 3 mins  *** New ***
Ginger is interviewed by "ET" regarding what will turn out to be her stage play, Miss Moffat. She's also seen in front of her computer writting her autobiography.

The 37th Annual Tony Awards - Tv Special - 1983 - 90 mins
Ginger signs "Somebody Loves Me" with Jack Lemmon at the piano. She dances 
to "Lady Be Good". She appears again for the group finaly with Michele Lee, Dinah 
Carroll and many others where they sing a medley of Broadway songs - including of 
course "Embracceable You" and "But Not For Me".

The 36th Annual Tony Awards - Tv Special - 1982 - 90 mins
Ginger is a presenter for Best Actor in a lead role.


All-star variety special celebrating the centennial of the Actors' Fund of America. Ginger appears in the tribute to stars of the silver screen including Gene Kelly, Mirna Leroy, Betty Davis, James Gagney...


Ginger talks about her love for Lela.

Puttin' On His Top Hat - Documentary - 1980 - 50 mins
Montage of the best of Fred and Ginger's dance numbers introduces with interviews by Ginger, Hermes Pan and Pandro S. Berman. Ginger talks about their beginning, dancing on slippery floors, her dresses, wet freshly dyed shoes, Irene Castle and much more.

Preview available here

Stars en Campagne is a French point of view thru the eyes of american Stars like Jimmy Stewart, Mirna Loy, Lauren Bacall and Peter Fonda on american politics at the eve's of the Presidential Elections of 1980. Ginger is interviewed upon her arrival at the Detroit's Airport in July 1980 on her opening night of "Anything Goes" at the Detroit Theatre. Rare time where Ginger doesn't cease the opportunity of expressing herself in french, she talks about her point of view of Ronald Reagan's Republican party.


Channel 4 News - News - May 15, 1980 - 6 mins      *** New ***
Ginger is interviewed by the Channel 4 team. She is there to promote her Radio Music City
Hall engagement. Ginger talks a little bit about how the engagement came along, 
being an outspoken republican, communism and marriage.


Ginger sings "I Used To Be Color Blind" while dancing with Jean-Pierre Cassel.