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Monday, April 30, 2012

1 Year Anniversary, New channel, Hello Dolly! video and update on Hat Check Girl!

                            Hello Everybody   -  As it already been a year!

Well,  The  Corner  is   celebrating  it's  1st  anniversary   this
week. I  can't  believe  it's  already  been  a  year! I  started this
blog  on  hope  and  more  or  less 50 items. And look at it now!
I  never  expected  that  so  many of you would answer my call. 
And I would like to take a moment and THANK EVERYONE
of you for your interest and contribution in making this
blog a success! 
" And a  Special Thank You to those of you who went out
of their ways to help me find certain items or contributated
                                                                    to the high cost of their transfer... "

What a better way to celebrate an anniversary than to expended!
Yes, The Corner now has a  2nd  YouTube Channel - "Ginger
Peachy too". And  for the kick off - a new audio recording of 
Ginger in "Hello, Dolly!".  

Be  sure to  subscribe to  that channel too because there is  plenty
more a-coming!   Here's the link:

 The  recording  of  "Hello, Dolly!", of all the items I have digged up
in the last year is by far the most amazing - at  least for me! So I thought I'd share it with you. I
hope you'll enjoy it!

The question everybody asked me in the last year was:
"Do you have Hat Check Girl!?"  Well... No!  And it's not
because I didn't try!  There isn't  many options left  for
a copy of  HCG  to resurfaced - but there is still hope

Althought.  I  didn't   put  my  hand  on  any   physical   copy
HCG, I  did  found along the way someone with " the powers
that  be "  to  hear  my  plea.  All  I  can  say  for  now  is  that
                                                                           something great's brewing. And althought it's not wonderful
news like we could all soon own our personnal copy of HCG,  it's  great  news because at lease we
might just finally get to see it! And that for me, it is great news!

Well, that sums up about everything.
Have a good weekend everybody!

KiG - Peachy 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ginger Rogers' Exhibition at Boston University

Well, guess where I was last weekend?

Now that I have figured out how to make posts that don't look like alphabet soup (don't feel sorry for me, I have other talents... ) I thought "why not make a post that doesn't look like a page ripped out of an old Tv Guide". If you didn't get that joke, don't worry about it. Just keep reading. It won't get any funnier even if I explain it.  :)

For those of you who can't make it to the exhibit, here's what caught my attention...
If you have trouble reading all those small print "letters" just download the pictures unto your computer first and than, using any picture viewer program you should be  able to zoom in.

Doesn't Ginger have the best penmanship you've ever seem?


Bob Thaves note to Ginger

Lady Fioraon, I took this one just for you. :)

Still from "Once Upon a Honeymoon"

Letter from Ed Sullivan after Ginger's first appearance on his "shoe" in 1963

Dear Dancer, I would rather bite you! Francis...

Letter from Fred

Letter and autograph from Fred

Letter from Fred

Letter from Fred

Telegram from Fred

George Gershwins' autograph (1936)

Publicity for Gibson Girl an upcoming project - later cancelled

Ginger posing as a belgian orphean

Ginger with her grandfather Smokey

Ginger's drawing of Irving Berlin

Girl Crazy marquise on Broadway

Still from Girl Crazy

Letter from Hermes Pan

Look Magazine's cover of one of Ginger's gathering at her Oregon Ranch

"Ginger's guess included: husband Jack Briggs, actress...." Really?! Ginger's guest.

Notes from Lucille Ball and Joan Crawford

Thank you notes from Kate Hepburn - Why are both notes exactly the same?!

Kennedy Center - Rainbow Necklace (1992)

Letter to Mother

Letter to Mother

Letter to Mother

Letter to Mother

Letter to Mother

Letter to Mother

Letter from Cecil B. DeMille

Letter From Lew Ayres

Magazine coverage of Ginger's mariage to Jack Briggs

Premiere of "Lady In The Dark" - Detailled menu replaced by "WAR TIME SUBSTITUTE"

Lela's telegram to Ginger in Paris - Offer from Century to work on Black Widow

Oregon - Ginger's 4R ranch with Lela (1940 ish)

Oregon - Ginger's 4R ranch (1940 ish)

Oscar's certificate

Oscar's inscription

Oscar (1940)

Precious Still from Producer's Showcase "Tonight at 8:30"- Red Peppers' segment (1954)

Precious Still from Producer's Showcase "Tonight at 8:30" - Still Life segment (1954)

Radio show

Contract for Gibson Girl movie - Later cancelled (1943)

Vaudeville days - Lela's Agenda

Vaudeville days

Walk of Fame