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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ginger Rogers' Exhibition at Boston University

Well, guess where I was last weekend?

Now that I have figured out how to make posts that don't look like alphabet soup (don't feel sorry for me, I have other talents... ) I thought "why not make a post that doesn't look like a page ripped out of an old Tv Guide". If you didn't get that joke, don't worry about it. Just keep reading. It won't get any funnier even if I explain it.  :)

For those of you who can't make it to the exhibit, here's what caught my attention...
If you have trouble reading all those small print "letters" just download the pictures unto your computer first and than, using any picture viewer program you should be  able to zoom in.

Doesn't Ginger have the best penmanship you've ever seem?


Bob Thaves note to Ginger

Lady Fioraon, I took this one just for you. :)

Still from "Once Upon a Honeymoon"

Letter from Ed Sullivan after Ginger's first appearance on his "shoe" in 1963

Dear Dancer, I would rather bite you! Francis...

Letter from Fred

Letter and autograph from Fred

Letter from Fred

Letter from Fred

Telegram from Fred

George Gershwins' autograph (1936)

Publicity for Gibson Girl an upcoming project - later cancelled

Ginger posing as a belgian orphean

Ginger with her grandfather Smokey

Ginger's drawing of Irving Berlin

Girl Crazy marquise on Broadway

Still from Girl Crazy

Letter from Hermes Pan

Look Magazine's cover of one of Ginger's gathering at her Oregon Ranch

"Ginger's guess included: husband Jack Briggs, actress...." Really?! Ginger's guest.

Notes from Lucille Ball and Joan Crawford

Thank you notes from Kate Hepburn - Why are both notes exactly the same?!

Kennedy Center - Rainbow Necklace (1992)

Letter to Mother

Letter to Mother

Letter to Mother

Letter to Mother

Letter to Mother

Letter to Mother

Letter from Cecil B. DeMille

Letter From Lew Ayres

Magazine coverage of Ginger's mariage to Jack Briggs

Premiere of "Lady In The Dark" - Detailled menu replaced by "WAR TIME SUBSTITUTE"

Lela's telegram to Ginger in Paris - Offer from Century to work on Black Widow

Oregon - Ginger's 4R ranch with Lela (1940 ish)

Oregon - Ginger's 4R ranch (1940 ish)

Oscar's certificate

Oscar's inscription

Oscar (1940)

Precious Still from Producer's Showcase "Tonight at 8:30"- Red Peppers' segment (1954)

Precious Still from Producer's Showcase "Tonight at 8:30" - Still Life segment (1954)

Radio show

Contract for Gibson Girl movie - Later cancelled (1943)

Vaudeville days - Lela's Agenda

Vaudeville days

Walk of Fame


VKMfanHuey said...

...great pics, Molly!!! It is really an awesome display of Gingerbilia...

Well, we are contemplating a trip up there in early August... of course, I need to verify how much longer it's there...Kat said one of the folks there said 'thru August'... so - here's hoping!

Thanks again for all the GingerTV's great watching all of those old shows...

Not sure if I have anything at this point which you don't, but...there still could be... between all of us, we'll have a pretty complete catalog of Gingery goodness - well, if someone can find 'Hat Check Girl', that is!!!



Gingerfan11 said...

You lucky duck! I really wish I can go to that, but I will never be able too. Way too far from where I live. Oh well, only can see photos I guess.
But that's really neat you went there. Hope it was fun seeing all that. :D

Lady Fioraon said...

WOW!!! FANTASTIC photos!!! This post is a nice complement to MadAboutGingerAndFred's pics. I see you got some good shots of my favorite, i.e. Oscar :) All those letters are fascinating, but I particularly loved the one Ed Sullivan wrote.

Molly Brown said...

Hi Hu,

I'm glad to hear you a re planning a trip there and sure hope the exhibition will wait for you before closing. At first, I was a bit disappointed. I wish there were more personal items I guess - not just work related items. Just one of her paintings, a vase form her pottery, a grocery list... anything! - it would have been even nicer.
But for all the memorabilia that is there, it's worth the trip!

We are lucky to all be such dedicated fans, who all seems to specialize in different areas of her body of work. Between all of us, we will keep her alive for a long long time!! :)

KIG and Gingered Up!

Molly Brown said...

Hi Gingerfan11,

To bad you can't make it! Yes it was fun to go there. And it was fun to get there - pack the cd player with Ginger music and turned the whole thing in a "Ginger Fest Weekend". :)

May I ask you a question in return? 7th picture from the top - the medley of photographs - the second one on the top row, do you have this picture in your collection?


Molly Brown said...

Hi Lady Fioraon,

Love the Oscar too. I heard Ginger in a couple of interviews say she blew him a kiss everytime she would pass him by. When I saw it, I couldn't resist... I blew him a kiss too! :)

Did you see the telegram from Cary?
I grabbed that picture just for you! What the heck is a Bittlelum?


Gingerfan11 said...

Haha, that's pretty cool. If I was there I'd listen to Ginger music and look at everything. It would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that you mention the pic, I looked at which one you're talking about. And I saw that I have in my collection all of those except for the one you were asking for. Now I WANT IT! Well hopefully sometime it might pop up. I really want it too, but if I do find it I'll let you know. It would for sure be in a ginger pics post. :)

Molly Brown said...

Thank you Gingerfan11! I really want it too!
I'll look around for it too! I'll keep you posted! :)

Lady Fioraon said...

I sure did see that telegram, and "Bittlelum" cracked me up. It's mentioned in Ginger: My Story Chapter 22 "The Roller Skate Connection"....

The next evening Cary arrived on the dot to take me to dinner, and we drove to a favorite seaside restaurant. We both had a keen sense of humor and tried to top each other on the way to the restaurant. It was a wonder that the police didn't stop us, since the car was weaving all over the road, but laugh we did. He loved telling cockney stories. Over dinner, I made Cary repeat a little poem that went something like this:

There was a big molice-pan
Who saw a bittle lum,
Sitting on a wide-salk
Chewing godda wum.
'Long came big molice-pan
Who said to bittle lum,
Simmie gum,
Said the bittle lum to the big molice-pan,
"Gaul I sot."

Cary just ate this up. He wanted to learn it himself and tried to repeat it. I'd correct him and then he'd go at it again. Some eavesdroppers tried to tell him where he'd made his error, until our half of the restaurant became embroiled in this stupid poem. Our sides were aching from the mistakes Cary made. Finally, the room applauded when Cary got it right.


Molly Brown said...

Thank you for sharing that! I would have miss that completly! :)
Got to love Cary!

gingerrogersfan said...

I leave for Boston on Saturday and cannot wait to see Ginger's exhibit and take in a couple of Red Sox games. I love the Hotel, Glitter, and RKO Story television programs. Glitter made me laugh as her character is going to get the axe in her soap. Her tenacity in staying alive is the same tenacity Ginger had for life. When I called to see if Ginger's exhibit was going to still be there thoughout July, the man who spoke with me said that he had not heard of it ending anytime soon. I think you are safe to plan a trip for August. You might want to call first just to make sure. I cannot remember which number I called so I will give you both. (617)353-3696 ; I think this is the one I called. (617) 353-8725 was listed as the number called for tickets to the opening that Angela Lansbury and Nick Clooney attended. Thank you for the pictures from the exhibit. I have enjoyed all of the television shows you have offered for trade. I especially enjoyed the Hollywood Palace Show where Ginger sings These Foolish Things and then dances. I still get goose bumps when I watch it. I love her voice and dancing. Keep it Gingery!!!

VKMfanHuey said...

...yeah, it's just a 'mandatory' thing to me at this point, to go check out everything...ANYTHING Gingery is incredible to me...looks like there's enough there to make a full day of it! :-)

...and, I talked to someone up there, and they said it would be 'when fall term starts' before the exhibit is thru August, at least... we are looking at the second week of August....We will actually be near Baltimore-D.C. for 2-3 days with relatives, then make the trip to beantown for a few days... looking to be a 'go'...of course, I need to go over and post 'officially' on I guess you are getting the 'breaking news', eh? :-]

Thanks again for the great pics...between you and Kat, the exhibit is WELL documented...heck, I'm sure I'll take mondo pics myself, but...there's already quite a few!

KIG, Molly!!!


VKMfanHuey said...

...nice catch...that one MAY be a 'private' would be a nice add...hmmm...wonder if I can get a 'large enough' pic of it when I'm there... I'll try to do that...won;t be 'high quality', but maybe close enough...

VKMfanHuey said...

...somewhat of a 'abbreviated pig latin', perhaps? It's like saying, 'bass-ackwards', I suppose... well, not that I condone that type of language, even in 'quazi-latin'...

Heck, Cary was a cool guy...dang why didn't they get hitched? I mean, you know...I'm kinda...'critical' of ANY dude Ginger knew (yeah, like I'D pass ANY level of 'Ginger-worthiness'...) - but, I think they would have been an awesome Hollywood couple... they seemed to be made for each other, IMHO...

OK - y'all KIG...I'm off to bed...


Molly Brown said...

Lol! I agree with you. When I first read her bio-book I couldn't believe she had turned down Cary Grant twice. Cary Grant! Twice! Ginger, what the heck were you thinking! :) Lol

Molly Brown said...

Hi Gingerrogersfan,
I apologize for the delay. So how your post got send to the spam box. Bad, bad, bad, bad Blogger!
I'm glad you got to see the exhibit too and hope you will make a post of it and share your favourites artifices!

Speaking of favourites... it doesn't get better than the 2 Hollywood Palace - I agree! Except maybe the Ed Sullivan 1967! :)

Keep it Ginger Up! :)