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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Pictures Post... Why Not!

Sometimes while looking for something specific we find something unexpected along the way...

Which was the case for me this month. Looking for moving images, I have stumbled upon beautiful stills of Ginger I had never seen before. Well, they are new to me - keep in mind that I'm a very new Ginger fan! 

I thought I would share those with you! Hope you'll enjoy them!



















Gingerfan11 said...


Of course I've seen most of these awesome pics cause that's what I do for my blog. ;) But there are a small handful that I've never seen.

Awesome finds!

Have a great evening Molly. :D

Molly Brown said...

Thank you Gingerfan11! Coming from you, it means a lot! :)


VKMfanHuey said...

...very well laid out, MB! Love the 'chronological' nature of the pics... I love the few of her painting in the yellow... 'middle-aged' Ginger rocks! Well, heck, ANY Ginger rocks, of course!
Thanks, MB! I need to drag out my pics and try to get some out as well...



Lady Fioraon said...

That's a lovely collection of photos, Molly. Some I've seen; some I haven't, but I never get tired of seeing photos of this incredibly photogenic woman. She looks great even with paint all over her. Very nicely done!!!

Molly Brown said...

Thank you Lady! It's practically sinful how photogenic Ginger is! Simply georgous! :)

Molly Brown said...

Thank you Huey!

I agree "middle-aged Ginger" rocks! I especially like the "in the garden" picture - the one where Ginger wears the green sweater and the pink lipstick!


FredandGingerMad said...

lovely photos, especially loved the first twoi which i hadn't seen before :)

Molly Brown said...

The first picture's caption read: "Ginger Rogers the winner of the Texas' charleston contest." But I wonder if it's the official picture especially since Ginger's was still Virginia back then! ;)