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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Remembering Ginger Rogers, her Facebook Community and Hat Check Girl

 Hello Everybody,

On this sad weekend, it's hard to realized it's already been 19 years since Miss Rogers passed away. Fortunately, she is not forgotten. And that's easy to see just by the number of members who has joined ''The Ginger Rogers Facebook Community'' in the pass year.  Thank you to everyone for sharing weekly the GINGERNESS!

Ginger Rogers Facebook Community
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 Hat Check Girl discuss on Ginger Rogers' IMDb BoardWell, it's official! HAT CHECK GIRL, the long lost Ginger Rogers movie from 1932 has been shown to the public again for the first time since it's commercial release over 80 years ago. It was part of this year selections for the TCM's Film Festival, which was held in L.A. week.
Presenting the movie was MoMA's very own Associate Curator, Mrs. Anne Morra. Mrs. Morra is the good soul behind the restoration of HCG that made this showing possible. 18 months ago, when I started my quest to find a copy of this long lost Ginger Rogers movie I found a 35mm master print safely tucked away in Mrs. Morra's museum. When I approached Mrs. Morra, she was kind enough to listen to my arguments and to hear my plea and in a matter of months, she was able to get a restoration project started on the master print. And here we are, only a year later and Hat Check Girl is already hitting the big screen. Another showing of HCG is schedule this fall at the MoMA's film festival ''To Save and Project''

Reviews and comments on HAT CHECK GIRL 

To learn more about what fans had to say about seeing Hat Check Girl:

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Have a good weekend Everybody and keep it Gingery!


VKMfanHuey said...

awesomeness, GP! we're down to the 'shorts' from '29 and '30, right? Not bad - it's really mind boggling to know that ALL of Gingers 70+ 'feature films' are still available in one form or another... so many other stars have 'lost films' on their filmographies...

anyway, hope all is well, GP - see ya over on FB!!!


Ginger Peachy said...

Thank you Huey!
It is very lucky to have all the 73 GR movies and to be able to see them is a real gift!

I too am hoping some of those shorts will show up one day!


VKMfanHuey said...

Same to ya, Peachy! <3 !!!