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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tv Appearances 1950's Up for Trade *** New ***

I've Got a Secret - Game Show - July 21, 1959 - 27 mins
Ginger serves as a co-host for part of this episode of I've Got a Secret.

Preview available here

The Tender Shoot - The June Allyson Show (Dupont Theater) - Tv Series - 1959 - 23 mins
Anthology about a writer (Ginger) who escape to the country to overcome her writer's block.

Preview available here


 The Kraft Music Hall ( The Milton Berle Show ) - Variety Show - May 6, 1959 - 28 mins
Image and sound quality  6/10
 Ginger shows her dancing habilities in a dance number, does snappy dialogue skit with Milton and plays 
a brat school girl attending a showbusiness school for kids.

Ginger sings "It's Very Nice To Go Traveling" to a well choreograph dance number, do a humourous version of "It's a Lovely Day Today" and poses as a Beatnik with Bob Hope.


Las Vegas in the 1950's and 60's - The Stars on 8mm - 70mins
"Las Vegas in the 1950' and 60's" is a collection of silent clips of stars filmed while performing on stage in Las Vegas' hotels and casinos. Ginger is shows dancing with 4 male dancers on the Riviera Hotel's stage. Also featuring excerpt from shows featyring Judy Garland, Mae West, Liza Minelli, Carol Burnett, Elvis Presley, Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor, Betty Hutton, George Burns and more...

Steve and Ginger perform a humourous skit about different types of female singers.

Preview available here


 The Jack Benny Show - Variety Show - March 11, 1957 - 26 mins 
Image quality 8/10
A "behind the scene" story as Jack and Ginger prepares for the taping of the show.


The Steve Allen Show - Variety Show - March 3rd, 1957 - 24 mins      *** New ***
Image quality 7/10
Ginger performs a hobo skit with Steve Allen and Phil Harris.


Ginger appears on What's My Line as a mystery guest to promote her 
new movie Oh Men! Oh Women!


(Very good image and sound quality)
Ginger appears in the famous Ginger Peachy sketch and performs "I Don't 
Know Enough About You" with Bob Hope.
Preview available here

What's My Line? - Game Show - 1954 - 25 mins
Ginger is a mystery guest on this episode of What's My Line?.

The 25th Annual Academy Awards - Tv Special - 1953 - 116 mins 
Ginger is the presenter for the best Costumes Design category.