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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Music Albums Up for Trade *** New ***

Ginger, My Story  -  3hrs  -  (1991)
In 1991, Ginger recorded an audio version of her autobiography
"Ginger, My Story". Original tape transfered on 3 CDs.

Miss Ginger Rogers - LP transfered on CD - (1978)

Embraceable You - I Used To Be Color Blind - Isn't This a Lovely Day - But Not For Me - I'll String Along With You - They Can't Take That Away From Me - Night and Day - Did You Ever See a Dream Walking - They All Laughed - We're In The Money - A Fine Romance / Let's Call The Whole Thing Off / I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket.

The Ginger Rogers Show: An Evening To Remember (1976)    *** New ***
Audio recording of Ginger's musical revue transfered on CD.

Silver Screen Series / Curtain Call - LP transfered on CD - (1972)

Compilation of movies soundtrack never put on LP before including:
Before The Parade Passes By (Hello, Dolly!) and That's How Young I Feel (Mame).

We Can't Get Along, Dear Sir, Used To Be You, Music Make Me, Shake Your Powder Puff, Out for No Good, I'll String Along With You, I Got a New Lease On Life, Don't Mention Love To Me, Out of Sight and Out of Mind, Eeny Meeny Miney Mo, You'll Be Reminded of Me, The Yam, My Ship, The Saga of Jenny, A Weekend In The Country, You'll Never Know, Before The Parade Passes By, That's How You I Feel.


Hello, Ginger! - LP transfered on CD - (1965)

Hello, Dolly!, Embraceable You, You're Getting To Be a Habbit With Me, The Way You Look Tonight, What Now My Love, They All Laughed, Let's Call The Whole Thing Off, But Not For Me, The Summerwind, They Can't Take That Away From Me, The Boy Who Use To Be You and Cute.

Alice in Wonderland - LP transfered on CD - (1944)


 Jolie and Ginger Live - Live concert - LP transfered on CD - (1936)
 Track including Ginger - No Strings and Isn't This a Lovely Day.