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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tv Appearances 1970's Up for Trade *** New ***

Dinah & Friends in Las Vegas - Talk Show - Aug. 31, 1979  - 13 mins       *** New ***
Ginger is a guest on the Dinah Shore show. Ginger performs "They Can't Take That 
Away From Me" and introduced a group of new comers that used to part of her
"The Ginger Rogers' Show".

Ginger guest star as an singing/dancing actress travelling on the "Love Boat" with a newspaper critic who's always mean to her (Douglas Fairbank Jr.). Very Gingery! Two performing numbers including "Love Will Keep Us Together" and a tap dance routine to "Tea For Two".

Preview available here

Ginger sings "They Can't Take That Away From Me" and "I'll String Along With You".
Ginger is introduced and exchanged words with the host in french!



The Bob Hope Show - The Jubilee Ohio Theater  - Tv Special - December 3rd, 1978
Ginger sings "I'll String Along With You" and "They All Laughed".



The Second Annual People's Command - Tv Special - January 13, 1978 - 56 mins 
Ginger performs a "spanish" version of  "The Carioca ".


The Tonight Show - Talk Show - Feb 5, 1976 - 3 mins       *** New ***
Ginger performs "They Can't Take That Away From Me" on the Tonight Show.

Dean Martin and friends roasts Lucille Ball.





Miss Universe 1973 - Tv Special - 1973 - 110 mins     *** New ***
 Image quality  6/10
In June of 1973, Ginger served as one of the 10 Judges for The Miss Universe pageant.



Ginger talks about assisting fashion shows in Paris and Spain for JC Penney, some of her
movies, shares her opinion on the star system, the movies and the songs lyrics of the 70's.
Other guests includes James Coco and Mama Casss Elliot.

Preview available here



Image quality 8/10
Episode includes 4 different skits with Ginger. Songs includes Cheek to Cheek, That's How Young I Feel
from Mame, Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered and a satire Menley from the hits Parade.

Preview available here


Ginger Rogers guest start on the Lucille Ball show.

Image quality 8.5/10
GINGER gives a very interesting and entertaining POTERY CLASS to Dinah Shore. 
Ginger also share her favorite salad recipe she picked up in Paris and sing an excerpt 
from "Annie Get Your Gun" before telling anecdotes to Dinah over lunch.

Preview available here