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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miscellaneous And Other Things... Up for Trade

Lela and Ginger personnification in Clint Eastwood's bio-pic of J. Edgard Hoover.

TCM's  Star of the Month  (March 2010)  7 mins
Every month TCM pay hommage to a movie legend. In March 2010 they payed hommage to Ginger by showing 43 of her films. This clip is a little recap montage of her career from Broadway to Hollywood to Drury Lane.


Ginger's perform a Charleston dance number that was cut from her movie Roxie Hart (1942). Hosted by Joan Collins. Also features Carmen Miranda, Danny Kaye, Betty Grable, The Ritz Brothers, W.C. Fields.


The 68th Annual Academy Awards - Tv Special (March 25, 1996)  2 mins    *** New ***

"In memory of those who have left us since the last Oscar night..."


In That's Entertainment III, the complete opening dance number of The Barkley's Of Broadway  can be seen without the opening credits hiding it.

 Treasure from the Vault - also know as That's Entertainment: Behind The Scene - is a collection of documentaries and behind the scene clips about the making of the
 That's Entertainment series.

That's Entertainment I - Behind the scene: 50 years of MGM and  
                                                 Just One More Time (1974)
Ginger is seen on the red carpet and in the famous star line up.


That's Entertainment III - Behind The Scene (1994)
Ginger is seen (not heard) on  the red carpet and the creators of "That's Entertainment" explain how they found the opening dance number of the Barkleys of Broadway without the opening credits.


Anythig Goes - Tv Commercial   (October 1980)
Tv commercial advertizing Ginger upcoming play in Beverly Hills. The commercial shows segments of Ginger singing and dancing to Cole Porter's music.

Magnificient Doll's Premiere Newsreel - Short - (1946)  1 min   *** New ***

Battle Stations Newsreel - Short  - (1944) 12 mins
Battle Stations is a newreel documentary on men and women coast guards narrated 
by Ginger Rogers and James Cagney.


Merrie Melodies Cartoon : Malibu Beach Party  - Cartoon - (1935)  15 mins
Join Jack Bunny's beach party and miggle with Fred and Ginger, Clark Cable, 
Fanny Brice and many more.


Hollywood Newsreel - Short - (1934)  9 mins



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